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The following contains the table of contents and chapter summaries of "You Can Get Pregnant Over 40, Naturally II"(updated edition). If you would like information on the "Fertility Bodywork DVD" or the "Meditation and Visualization" CD, please click on the "Purchase Online" navigation button to the left for product descriptions.

Chapter 1

Encouraging Information

Are there women who get pregnant in their 50's naturally? Yes there are! There are some well publicized cases of women who amazed doctors and got pregnant against all odds. This chapter also reviews how women over 40 can have a healthy pregnancy and the rate of complications isn't that much different than younger women. As a matter of fact, some birth defects are less common in older women and childhood outcomes are actually better.

Chapter 2

Some Arguments Against Assisted Reproduction

I had a number of complications as a result of my fertility treatments. Aside from what I personally experienced, there are some other reasons to think twice before jumping into assisted reproduction. There may be a higher incidence of pregnancy complications in patients undergoing IVF and possibly poorer outcomes. There is an increasing rate of women and couples who have their first child through IVF and conceive their second child naturally. It is very possible these couples would have had their first child naturally if they had given it more time.

Chapter 3

My Specific Pregnancy Protocol

This Chapter includes a specific but flexible diet as well as treatments you can do yourself to promote hormonal balance, pelvic circulation, ovulation, and conception. You do not need to rely on paid professionals for any part of my pregnancy protocol. Everything you need for my treatment regime is readily available either in your own home, or inexpensively at your local grocery store or health food store. I explain what xenoestrogens, phytoestrogens and prostaglandins are and how they can help/hinder your ability to get pregnant. I got pregnant 4 times after embarking on my all natural journey (with only one fallopian tube!) and as I got healthier and more hormonally balanced, I finally carried my last pregnancy to term without complications! I cite quite a bit of scientific research (over 100 studies and sources) on most of what I recommend. This 75 page chapter is split into 5 sections including: Fertility diet, Supplements, Pelvic Circulation, Intercourse, and Other Things To Do Or Avoid.

Chapter 4

Fertility Bodywork

I go through many of the yoga poses I recommend in my Fertility Bodywork video and I talk about the use of castor oil packs and pelvic massage techniques. These techniques help to increase pelvic circulation to create a conception friendly uterus and reproductive system.

Chapter 5

Alternative Techniques

This chapter discusses the Emotional Freedom Technique and Feng Shui for fertility. These are easy to perform and/or implement.

Chapter 6

Visualization, Meditation, and Changing Your Mindset about Getting Pregnant

I explain exactly what the difference is between visualization and meditation and why each is important. There’s nothing mystical here, if you really want something, you need to see yourself as already having it. I give you how and what I visualized as well as specific meditation techniques. Additionally, if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year, you’ve probably built up a lot of sensitivity and negativity around the subject. This creates resistance to the very thing you want so much! Attracting what you want in your life requires that you allow it into your experience. This chapter will help you change your mindset.

Chapter 7

Join a Support Group

Unfortunately, many people view support groups as ‘misery loves company pity parties’. Believe me when I say, it’s not like that. I found my support group experience encouraging and helpful. Infertility can be a very isolating experience because you feel left behind when other friends, family members, and acquaintances get pregnant. There is something very comforting about the unconditional acceptance you feel with a group of people who truly understand your situation. You will offer and receive information in a non-judgmental atmosphere. This chapter explains how to find a support group and how it will help you succeed.

Chapter 8

All Stressed Up And Going Nowhere

I know you’ve heard it all before, you must reduce your stress level if you want to get pregnant. Stress hormones do affect your reproductive system either causing or contributing to infertility. Stress can also be a contributing factor in miscarriage. In this chapter, I examine how I made a major life decision to quit a high stress job and I look at why I had so much of my self worth wrapped up in it. I also discuss how being driven by deadlines is inconsistent with getting pregnant and how the need for approval causes unnecessary pressure in your life.

Chapter 9

How I Became My Own Therapist

There is a reason why you’ve waited so long to have a baby. You need to go back and examine your upbringing and your long held attitudes about family and children. Are you carrying around resentment toward your parents or anyone else who has been a big part of your life? I give you specific ways to go back and examine each issue and I give you examples of how I did this for myself without spending more precious financial resources on therapy.

Chapter 10

Putting it All Together

This chapter reviews a typical day on my pregnancy protocol along with when to perform the routines as well as when to take supplements. I cover quite a bit of information throughout the book and this chapter helps to pull it all together.

Chapter 11

Just For Men

There are two pieces of the equations for couples trying to conceive. Even if you don't have male factor infertility, men should be doing all they can to help their partner conceive. This chapter includes natural methods of enhancing male fertility based on my research and things to avoid. I cite quite a bit of scientific research on what men can do to avoid sperm damage and how they can improve semen quality.

Chapter 12

Preventing and Dealing With Miscarriage

I truly believe that preventing miscarriage starts in whole or in part by what you do before you get pregnant. My pregnancy protocol will help strengthen your reproductive system so your next pregnancy will endure. This chapter also includes other things to do or avoid after you conceive.

Chapter 13

“Do You Have Children?” How to Deal with All of Those Tough Questions and Other Tough Situations

We’ve all had to deal with those tough questions. It’s hard not to transfer our anger and frustration on to others who say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I give you specific responses which worked well for me and coping mechanisms for situations that you will inevitably encounter on your journey to getting pregnant. I examine the pros and cons of sharing information with others and I tell you how I dealt with each issue.

Part Two, My Story

Chapter 14

How Did It Come To This? How My Past Experiences and Choices Led to Infertility

We are not ‘victims’ of infertility. For most of us, our past choices brought us where we are today. You need to accept yourself where you are with no regrets. Many women in their late 30’s and 40’s didn’t want children early in life. You certainly are entitled to change your mind without feeling like you owe anyone an explanation. I found that society in general is critical of ‘older’ women having children, but the same standard doesn’t seem to apply to men. It’s your life and you are entitled to everything it has to offer.

Chapter 15

My Experience with Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Like many people who struggle to get pregnant past the ‘one year’ mark, my husband and I decided to pursue fertility treatments. We tried 7 cycles of inseminations, Clomid, and IVF twice. The inseminations and Clomid didn’t work at all and the IVF tragically ended in miscarriage and surgery to remove an ectopic. I became disillusioned with the assembly line practice of my fertility clinic and when all was said and done, I ended up worse off than I started. Additionally, the amount of drugs and hormones I pumped into my system was totally inconsistent with my way of life and personal philosophy. This was the turning point which led me to my all natural journey to get pregnant.

Chapter 16

My Experience With Recurrent Miscarriage

I had a tougher time than most with miscarriage - I had six of them. Even though I was heartbroken with every loss, I had to pick myself up and know that each time I got pregnant, I was that much closer to my goal.

Chapter 17

Success at Last!! Pregnancy after Infertility

When you’ve tried for so long and had so many failures, actually getting pregnant can be scary! You worry that something will go wrong and you feel that every day might bring disaster. Here I explain how I made it through 9 months of pregnancy (at the age of 44) without complications and with a normal delivery.

Chapter 18

The Joy of Being an Older Parent

It was worth the wait! People who’ve gone through infertility or miscarriage prior to pregnancy really do appreciate more what a miracle the whole process is. I know that I’m a better parent now than I would have been when I was in my 20’s or even 30’s (and healthier to boot!). I have more patience, time, and energy to devote to this wonderful creation. What I don’t have in youth, I have in wisdom. My all natural journey to pregnancy has taught me a better way of life, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a thing.


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