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Are You More Fertile After A Miscarriage?

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Are you more fertile after a miscarriage? Many women wonder when they will start ovulating again after a miscarriage and when their fertility will return to normal. Recent research has shown that there is no need to wait to try to get pregnant again after a miscarriage (unless there was surgery or medications involved.) However, many women wonder if their chances of getting pregnant again may actually be better and if they are more fertile. Since I experienced so many miscarriages myself, and I was on the older side, it was important to me to be able to try again as soon as possible. This article explains more about fertility after miscarriage.
Ovulation After Miscarriage - Are You More Fertile? Guest Post By Diana Farrell

Have you heard it said that when ovulation after miscarriage starts up again, you might actually be more fertile than you were before the misfortune? While some women disregard it as an old wives' tale, others swear by it, saying that they were able to conceive just one week after their miscarriage, on their first try! And so the question remains - are you really more fertile after a miscarriage? The truth of the matter is, the answer is yes and no.

studies about fertility after pregnancy loss

Although there aren't any conclusive results, studies are beginning to show that there may just be some truth to the tale. A study back in 2003 noted that the subjects conceived with greater success immediately following a miscarriage. Most experts believe this to be due to the increase in progesterone levels in a woman's body during pregnancy. Progesterone is known to aid in the proper implantation of a fetus in a woman's body. With adequate support from progesterone, a woman's body is believed to be more pregnancy-ready. Add to that the fact that many miscarriages are a result of progesterone deficiencies, and you have some pretty promising evidence for increased fertility after a miscarriage.

However, everything's still a little inconclusive. A British study from 2004 found that women actually took longer to conceive after a miscarriage. This is most likely due to the fact that it takes about 2-4 weeks for a woman to start ovulating following a miscarriage. The body will need to adjust to the drastic changes brought about by a lost pregnancy, so much so that ovulation will often take a backseat to your hormones getting back to some level of normalcy.

there is reason to hope after you miscarry

fortunately, there is nothing at all to support the belief that a woman may experience decreased fertility after a miscarriage. That is simply not true - you do not become less fertile after a miscarriage. Since there is zero support for decreased fertility after a miscarriage, and some support for increased fertility after the ordeal, there's reason to hope that you just might be a little more fertile for your next try at bringing a child into the world.

Of course, everything is still on a case-to-case basis. The results of these studies are based on natural miscarriages that leave little, if any, damage to the body. Miscarriages caused by physical harm or substance abuse may lead to decreased fertility as a result of what caused the miscarriage in the first place.

For example, severe damage to the uterus may cause problems for a woman trying to conceive. Drugs and alcohol, on the other hand, are widely known to have ill effects on a woman's fertility.

Another cause of miscarriage that can deter your next attempt may be biological. Some women simply have a harder time than others when trying to conceive. It may just be a matter of genetics, or some pre-existing medical condition that they never knew of. If you've had a miscarriage, it's important for you to consult your doctor and try to determine just what caused the loss in the first place. Physical damage can be healed, substances can be removed from the body, and biological problems can be worked around. If you really want to improve your chances of conceiving after a miscarriage, you should definitely consider this.

In the case that you did just have a natural miscarriage, then don't lose hope. Just take care of yourself, and try again when you're ready. Good luck!

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