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When I was going through fertility treatments, the first medication I was prescribed was Clomid. We tried the clomid alone which did not result in a pregnancy. After that, we tried Clomid with inseminations which failed as well. Although some women do benefit from Clomid, recent studies have questioned it's use, especially in women who aren't necessarily experiencing ovulatory problems (i.e. their infertility is unexplained or due to other factors).

As reported in the BBC News, in Scotland, a six month study done on 580 women with unexplained infertility. The results showed that 17% of the women who tried naturally became pregnant. Those on Clomid alone had a pregnancy rate of only 14% and those with inseminations had a rate of 23%. As you can see, trying naturally may actually be a better plan than taking Clomid.

Side-effects of Clomid

Clomid can lead to ovarian cysts and even hyperstimulation of the ovaries which, although rare, can be life threatening. More commonly, women may experience mood swings, depression and even some visual side-effects. When I was taking Clomid, I called it “the week from hell” because it felt like my regular PMS but magnified by 100. Of course, if you are stimuating ovulation, and you do happen to conceive, the chance of having multiples increases which can lead to a number of pregnancy complications. Lastly, a study published in the journal "Human Reproduction" found a possible connection between Clomid and thyroid cancer. Although more study is needed, it worries me that I took these drugs without knowing all of these possible complications.

Why Clomid May Reduce The Chance Of Pregnancy

If you are taking Clomid, but not using inseminations, it actually may reduce the chance of pregnacy. Why? Clomid reduces estrogen which has a negative affect on cervical mucus. Optimal cervical mucus has an egg-white consistency. Clomid tends to make it thick. So, although you may be stimulating ovulation, you may not be able to take advantage of it since your mucus is not sperm friendly.

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