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My treatments after my miscarriages varied by the situation. I did have a couple of D&C's since
two of my miscarriages did not expel by themselves, but most of them just came out on their own
as a heavy period. One of my D&C's was done after fertility treatments left me with a twin pregnancy
where one became ectopic (lodged in my fallopian tube) and one was in my uterus but was non-viable.
Talk about a big mess!
I was rushed into surgery to have a laparoscopic removal of my tube and a D&C in my uterus.

There are pros and cons to having a D&C rather than a natural miscarriage. Some women really do need a D&C because a non-viable pregnancy is continuing to grow and in some rare cases, it can become a molar pregnancy (cells turn malignant). However, for many women, it is quite traumatic to have a non-viable pregnancy but continue to have pregnancy symptoms. In these cases, you and your doctor may decide on surgical removal of the pregnancy

So What is a D&C like?

First of all, D&C stands for "dilatation and curettage". This procedure is usually done as an outpatient
in a hospital or other surgical center. You should be given some light anesthesia (once I was given IV Valium which worked fine).
Ahead of time, they may insert something called a Laminaria stick (which is a seaweed stick)to help dilate your cervix.
This stick absorbs water and grows which should expand your cervix when in place.
You will be placed on a gynecological type examining table with your feet in stirrups.
The doctor will use an instrument called a "curette" which is metal and has a curved shaped loop. The walls of the uterus are scraped to remove what remains of the pregnancy so it may expel.
This may also be called a surgical evacuation of the uterus or a D&E.
The risks of the procedure include:

1. perforation of the uterus or other abdominal structures

2. scarring and adhesions

3. infections

4. damage to the cervix

5. complications with anesthesia

After the procedure, there may be some mild bleeding and cramping. Your doctor will give you instructions on what to do if the bleeding
is more severe. Even though I never wanted surgical intervention for fear that I would
be left with scarring, it was a relief to have the pregnancy tissue removed along with the symptoms.

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