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There are many foods that have hormone regulating properties. When I was trying to conceive, I jokingly said that I was on "vegetable therapy". If you think about it, it makes sense...much of what makes us infertile or hurts our egg quality are environmental factors and lifestyle choices. If you look at your diet day to day, how many vegetables (preferably organic) do you get in your diet? It is estimated that in the United States, only only 33% of people eat more than two fruits and vegetables per day and only 23% of people eat more than 3 per day. Is it any wonder why we are suffering from not only infertility, but a number of other health problems like obesity (which also contribute to infertility. So, if people are not eating fruits and vegetables, what are they eating? My guess is that there are a number of processed foods that are taking the place of healthy eating. These processed foods can contain GMOs (which are not labeled), trans-fats, flavor enhancers like MSG, and are probably packaged in plastic which can leach into the food causing estrogen imbalances. Hopefully this series on fertility foods will help with your journey to conceive the natural way. Click each picture for more information

Greens For Fertility

Fertility Tea

Fertility Salad

Fertility Yogurt

Wheatgrass For Fertility

Make Your Own Kefir

Sweet Potatoes Yams For Fertility

Fertility Detox Juicing

Fish Oils for Fertility and Miscarriage

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