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High FSH and getting pregnant


High FSH Levels

Can I get pregnant with high FSH is a common question. Many women over the age of 40 have been told that their "FSH" levels are on the high side. Usually, fertility doctors want the FSH to be under 10. However, there are recorded cases of women getting pregnant with their own eggs with FSH levels that were even over 100!
For example, The Oxford Journals Human Reproduction reported on three cases of women who had successful pregnancies with their own eggs with FSH levels that would be considered "off the chart" and most doctors would have only given them the option of donor eggs. In one case, a 46 year old got pregnant with an FSH of 22. The other cases in the report were a 36 year old with an FSH of 143 and a 35 year old with an FSH of 105.

After I discontinued fertility treatments, I never had my FSH checked because I didn't want more discouraging information clouding my mindset. I knew I was going to get pregnant even if the odds were against me. But what if your levels are higher than the recommended numbers? This article and video below explains what you can do naturally to lower your FSH.

High FSH Levels
Guest Post By Mina D Craig

Are you having trouble getting pregnant? Did your doctor tell you it was because your FSH levels are too high? Here is an alternative natural way to balance your FSH levels, to help you increase ovulation. and to conceive naturally.

FSH is released by the pituitary gland, and it starts a chain reaction. The hormone goes to the ovaries through your blood, and causes your ovarian follicles to grow and develop. Once the follicle has grown enough, it releases an egg (ovum) that will head down the tubes for fertilization. The ovarian follicles release hormones also, and these tell the pituitary gland to stop sending FSH. (continued below)

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Sometimes, the follicles don't get the message, they don't respond to the FSH. So the pituitary gland repeats the message, and repeats it again and again until the follicles say we got the message. Thus high FSH levels. If your young the medical reason could be premature ovarian failure, if your a little further in age it could be called menopause.

The follicles within the ovaries can not respond timely for several reasons, but some causes are more common. For those whose age is considered by doctors to be mature the common problem is not enough blood flow to the ovaries themselves. FSH is a hormone that travels through the blood steam, so not enough blood to the ovaries means the message is not getting through and the follicles are not getting stimulated.

The most dangerous and alarming results of the elevated FSH level, is deprived quality of eggs because for healthy and normal growth of follicles oxygen, nutrients and hormones are required. At this stage if you try to conceive it increases the rate of miscarriage and defects during birth of the child and sometimes medicines and IVFs also do not work for elderly mothers.

You must be wondering about the natural solution for increased FSH level and improvement of the egg quality.

Acupressure Massage. You might think because ovaries are inside that massage wont help, but it can. Acupressure massage can help increase blood flow, getting nutrients, oxygen and hormones to where they are needed, helping to get hormones back in balance. There are many things that you can do to help get the blood flowing, yoga is one that can also help all your reproductive parts, and help you get ready for the big b-day too. You can also do brisk walking to help get the blood going.

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Another option is cleaning out your body to remove any chemicals that are affecting your eggs and your hormones. Body cleansing can help you by removing xenoestrogens, which can wreak havoc causing ovulation and menstruation disorders, and keeping your hormones out of whack. You can also try "FerilPlus", its completely organic, all natural and contains herbs scientifically proven to increase your chances of getting pregnant. It will help balance your hormones to get you back on track.

Salt intake has to be reduced because salt can result in dehydration and puts the kidneys under a lot of pressure. In Chinese medicine, hormonal balance has been attributed to the kidneys. Kidneys can also be taken care of by reducing caffeine intake.

A healthy diet of foods that are of an organic nature is vital to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs for fertility. A person cannot, however, get all the needed vitamins and minerals without nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are best when made from real food extracts. When made from real food extracts, the supplements would be easily digestible and can be easily assimilated by the body. My clients who use "AntioxiPlus" and "AllkaGreens Plus" have always come back with fantastic results.


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