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Pregnancy visualization can be a very effective technique. Have you thought about what can help you with visualizing your baby and attracting what you want into your life? Vision boards can help.

Some years back, when Oprah did a show on "The Secret" and it was all the rage, she had on a panel of women who were discussing how to get what you want in life. The title of the show was "The Secret Behind the Secret" and it featured Louise Hay, Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson.

I've written before about how the information in "The Secret" can help you conceive but they were talking about a specific technique on this particular show which I wanted to mention here. The show featured a number of women who used "vision boards" to send to the universe their desires and help attract what they want in their life.

If you are trying to conceive, go out and make a vision board. I did this when I was trying to conceive and I believe it helped me attract my daughter into my life. Basically, all you need is some poster board or a bulletin board. Go out and get some magazines on babies, families, parenting and so on. Find pictures of adorable babies. One thing you could also do is put your own picture next to them. Place the pictures on the board in a collage type fashion and put it in a place where you will see it frequently. I knew one couple who made their refrigerator their vision board (and by the way, they now have two children without fertility treatments). Wearing fertility jewelry can also have the same effect. It is a constant reminder of the baby your want to attract into your life.

Send Your Intentions To Have A Baby To The Universe From Your
Core Of Peace

The other thing they mentioned on the show is when you send your intentions out to the universe, you need to do it from what they called your "core of peace". If the feeling behind your thoughts is desperation, then you're not going to attract that which you want. Be calm, know that all is well, and that everything will happen when the time is right. Once you're in that place of relaxation (not anger because you don't have what you want), visualize you and your baby with pure happiness and joy...that's what will attract them to your life. I find that things really do start happening when I let go of the frustration and anger of failure.

I waited six years before I became pregnant with my daughter. Even though I had my ups and downs, beliefs and doubts, deep down I knew in my heart that I would have a baby. I remember telling the infertility support group (which I was both a member and the leader) "I know I'm going to get pregnant, I just know it". Believe me...six years can test even the most spiritual of beings...and there were days, weeks and sometime months where I barely made it through. But again...I had this drive to keep trying - it really wasn't hard to keep trying, it just was part of my life. Go to sleep,get up, eat meals, get pregnant. Maybe it was my daughter flying around up there(?) cheering me on - telling me that she'll come when she's ready. I took comfort just thinking about how wonderful it will be when I have her. Even on my worst days I would visualize my life with her and find myself smiling.

I've created a CD which guides you through the visualization process. These vision boards really do help you focus and help you stay immersed in your goal. They also help you feel like you are a mother and I truly believe that if you want something, you have to behave like you already have it.

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