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Much has been written about how to have a natural miscarriage. Is there any way to encourage your body to expel a miscarriage? I had six miscarriages before I had my daughter. Of course you want to try again, but it can take quite a while for the pregnancy to expel from your body. I thought it would be helpful to share the information I have gathered on how to have a natural miscarriage. As always, you should check with your doctor to confirm that your pregnancy is not viable (baby has died) and consult a qualified practitioner before trying these methods which are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.
Please note: the information on this page is not intended to induce an abortion for a live pregnancy, it is meant as a resource for women who have already experienced a miscarriage which has not expelled from their body

If you have learned that your pregnancy is not viable, you have a few options.  Your doctor may recommend a  D & C under certain circumstances, or you can wait for your body to expel the remains of your pregnancy naturally.  I know how uncomfortable and emotionally draining it is to know your baby has died but you still feel pregnant.  At least in my case, I wanted to expel the pregnancy as soon as possible - partly because it was so uncomfortable to have symptoms with no pregnancy, and partly because I wanted to try again.  Additionally, D &C's can leave uterine scarring which could cause additional problems getting pregnant. 


Although I did not try these methods of inducing a miscarriage, I found these methods through my research. 

Vitamin C

Many sources claim that Vitamin C can start uterine contractions and bring on menstruation.  Based on my research, you should not take more than 6000 mg per day but you can break it up and take it throughout the day. Vitamin C in these high doses is thought to keep progesterone away from the uterus and will eventually induce a period. You should also drink plenty of water. As mentioned before, you should check with a doctor before taking high doses of Vitamin C because there could be side effects, some of which could affect the baby should the pregnancy be viable. The use of vitamin C has not been proven medically, but there are many testimonials online of women who feel vitamin C helped to expel their pregnancy.


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Cinnamon is also popular to use to help with a natural miscarriage. and can be purchased as a quill (the tube shape) or as ground powder. It stimulates the uterus and can cause contractions.  Cinnamon supplements may be best as they are already measured in safe doses. Too much cinnamon can cause liver toxicity. Cinnamon may also be helpful after a miscarriage because it can help stop bleeding and encourage healing because of its affect on blood platelets.


Parsley can be used inside the body as well as consumed orally.  To use  vaginally, it is recommended to get a sprig of fresh and organic parsley and insert it deep into the vagina.  You should change it every 12 hours. It is recommended to also consume parsley by boiling about two cups of water, adding the parsley after removing it from the heat and steep it for about 20 minutes and consume it throughout the day.

Dong Quai Capsules

These may stimulate uterine contractions:  up to 1000mg every 4 hours is recommended.  This should be used with caution or not used if you have bleeding disorders or if you are on aspirin therapy or on any type of blood thinners or anti-clotting medication.  Again, you should consult your doctor, or qualified herbalist before taking this amount.


Acupuncture points can help stimulate delivery in women, but these same points can also help induce a miscarriage.  Here is an excerpt from: mobility-massage.blogspot which talks about acupuncture/acupressure points that may stimulate delivery and miscarriage:

 Pregnancy massage is one massage modality that is experiencing high growth. In fact, it is often one of the most-requested services at any massage clinic or individual business. However, there are some areas that should not receive deep pressure due to the chance of causing a miscarriage. Chinese medicine has held that these eight acupuncture or acupressure points are key to avoiding miscarriage; conversely, practitioners may press them with the intent of causing delivery in an overdue pregnancy.
See The 8 acupuncture points below:

The eight points are:
1 - Kidney 1 is on the sole of the foot, about on the midline vertically, and just below the level of the ball of the foot.
2 - Large Intestine 4 is located between thumb and forefinger, in the fleshy part just above the knuckle of the first finger.
3 - Spleen 6 is located 2-3 inches above the ankle bone, on the inside of the leg.
4 - Spleen 10 is located about three inches above the knees, on the inside of the leg.
5 - Liver 3 is located between the first and second tarsal bones on top of the foot, about an inch past the gap between the toes (going toward the ankle).
6 - Bladder 67 is is on the outside edge of the nail on the little toes.
7 and 8 - The uterus reflex and the ovary reflex are located on either side of the heel, one on the inside surface and one on the outside surface. They are just below the ankle bone, and between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon.
Just casual or accidental pressure on these points will not cause a miscarriage. It requires deep sustained pressure and also the actual INTENT on the part of the practitioner to effect a miscarriage using these points.

See also: How to have a memorial service for your lost baby through miscarriage

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