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Many women hear about natural progesterone cream to help with fertility and hormonal balance.  When I was trying to conceive, I did use natural progesterone cream because I had been told that my progesterone fell too early in my cycle (this was a test I had done when I went through fertility treatments).  I'm certain that it did help me conceive by resolving some of my estrogen dominance.  This article explains what natural progesterone cream is:
If you think you may have estrogen dominance, progesterone opposes the effect of estrogen. I knew my progesterone was low from one of the blood tests I had done during my fertility treatments. Also, my menstrual cycles were quite short (indicating my progesterone was falling too quickly after ovulation.) I kept coming across natural progesterone cream in my reading which I immediately began using. Natural progesterone is a plant extract which has a molecular structure identical to the progesterone produced by your body (unlike the synthetic progesterone widely used by the medical community). Using natural progesterone and avoiding xenoestrogens can put your hormones back in balance. Since my menstrual cycles were as short as 21 days (they would range between 21-24 days when I first started trying to get pregnant), I knew progesterone cream could help maintain my uterine lining and lengthen my menstrual cycle.

Natural progesterone cream is used between days 12-27 of your menstrual cycle (if it goes that long) and you can purchase it over the counter at health food stores. You can also purchase it on-line, but I prefer to buy products carried by my health food store because I know they enforce a high quality standard with the manufacturers. Follow the directions on the package. The label will tell you how much to use and how many times per day. Be sure to put it on different parts of your body with each application so your skin doesnít build up resistance. There are different brands on the market, you just need to look for at least 480mg of USP progesterone per oz. The symbol ĎUSPí stands for United States Pharmacopeia. If a product has this symbol, it must meet certain quality standards so you can be assured you are getting the amount of progesterone stated on the package label. See also: Natural Ways To Increase Progesterone

I should mention that there seems to be differing opinions in the medical community about natural progesterone cream (assuming theyíve even heard of it). Some doctors donít think you can get enough to do any good through a topical application. However, there are other doctors who think just the opposite --- that progesterone is best absorbed through the skin. There are even doctors who feel you can get too much with continued use! All I can tell you is my experience. I was fairly certain from previous lab work that I was progesterone deficient in the second half of my cycle. My menstrual cycles did lengthen in the months before I conceived, frequently 26 - 28 days. Most importantly, I did conceive while using it. Many manufacturers of natural progesterone cream claim that it can help prevent first trimester miscarriage by giving your body the progesterone support it needs. Even though I had a problem with miscarriage, I did not use it during pregnancy. I used it up until the time I found out I was pregnant. When you do become pregnant, talk to your doctor about whether itís safe to continue using natural progesterone cream.

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