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Fertility Cleanse and Detoxification

The EPA estimates that the average American has at least 400 toxic compounds in their body! Here are some ways to help you body detoxify especially if you are trying to enhance your fertility and prepare your body for pregnancy:

(see more here about cleansing your environment) It has been estimated that your egg quality is determined up to three months before ovulation. So the time is now to start detoxifying.



Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. Psyllium is used as a laxative and is found in many over the counter preparations. I've been taking psyllium for years. The recommended dose is about a tablespoon, but you need to drink plenty of water afterwards because it expands and you will want to flush it out. Psyllium has been associated with lowering cholesteral and blood sugar regulation as well. I just feel better when I have a lot of fiber in my diet. There's something cathartic about emptying your colon. You feel lighter and it has to have a detoxifying affect to rid yoursel of the organisms and intestinal contents. I usually take psyllium after meals, but it can also help you eat less over a day because it makes you feel full longer.

Water, Water, Water

I know there have been some stories in the media about how it’s a myth that you need 8 glasses of water a day – I don’t believe it and neither do plenty of experts who say just the opposite. Much has been written about the critical role water plays in almost all bodily functions and I think it was an essential piece of my successful pregnancy. Water helps to keep your bowels regular. You don’t want toxic substances building up in your system by getting constipated (eating fruits and vegetables will help with this too). If you’re dehydrated, your cervical/vaginal fluids will not be the right consistency for sperm to swim upstream. Your fallopian tubes need to be properly lubricated for the egg to travel down. It just makes sense if you don’t have enough hydration, everything is going to be dried out. You want to get in the habit of drinking lots of water now because you’ll want to continue this when you’re pregnant. When I was pregnant I drank between 64-80oz of water per day and I always had a good volume of amniotic fluid (there is a special test they do to measure amniotic fluid – it looks somewhat like an ultrasound machine). The nurse would always say “I’ll bet you drink a lot of water” because my test results always looked good. In Ayurvedic medicine, there is a practice of drinking water the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach called “Usha Paana Chikitsa”. This is thought to help cleanse the colon and purify the blood. The body is better able to absorb nutrients after this process. This is thought to help with a number of conditions including infertility. You should not consume alcoholic beverages the night before and you should not eat anything for one hour after drinking the water. Sources on this recommend 5-6 glasses of water upon waking, however, I am hesitant to recommend this amount all at once since too much water too quickly can overload your kidneys. I frequently did (and still do) drink a couple of glasses of water first thing in the morning.

Detoxification Bath With Epsom Salt

I have also taken Epsom salt baths. Not only are baths very relaxing which can help with stress, Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) are thought to have a number of detoxifying and health promoting properties. The salts draw out toxins. Epsom salt baths are also thought to facilitate insulin transport, absorbtion of nutrients, regulation of enzymes, reduction of inflammation and reduction of muscle cramps, they aide with tissue and protein production, and they reduce headaches like migraines.

To take your Epsom salt bath:

Draw your bath water to your desired temperature, add 2 cups of Epsom salt while the water is running. Do not eat before your bath, but drink water before and after.


A type of blue-green algae, the Aztecs discovered spirulina thousands of years ago and soon made it a staple in their diet. Now days, spirulina is considered a “superfood.” Spirulina contains chlorophyll which is used for “detoxification” by helping remove toxins such as heavy metals and other pollutants from the circulatory system. Spirulina is available in powdered form and it usually comes with recipes for smoothies and cooking suggestions. The benefits of spirulina include:

Spirulina is a protein rich food which is needed for hormone production and high egg quality

Spirulina is high in the beneficial omega 3's which not only help with hormone production, but they have an overall anti-inflammatory affect on the body

Spirulina has chlorophyll which helps to detoxify the body. It can bind with heavy metals to remove them.

Spirulina is high in iron which has been shown to help with fertility and is very important should you become pregnant

Spirulina is high in B vitamins including folic acid which you should start taking before becoming pregnant to reduce the chance of birth defects

Spirulina is high in calcium which is important for pregnancy (it can have 26 times the amount of calcium in milk!)

Healing stones for Spiritual and Physical Detoxification

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and promotes spiritual protection, purification and physical detoxification. Low-level heat that radiates from the Amethyst can promote antioxidant activity in the body. This crystal increases energy levels in the body and as a result promotes the healthy growth of new cells. Moonstone works to assist in the elimination of toxins and helps your body utilize nutrients. It also works with your energy to cleanse your chakras of negativity.
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