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Most people think getting pregnant over 40 is amazing, but what about getting pregnant over 50 with a natural conception? Can women get pregnant over 50 naturally? Yes, there are documented cases of women who had natural successful pregnancies in their 50's, many times by surprise. It's quite common for women to get pregnant over 40 naturally and some women who are still getting periods can be fertile in their 50's. Here are some published cases of remarkable women who had babies in their 50's without fertility treatments:

Case #1 Debbie Hughes, England

What makes this case remarkable, as reported by the Daily Mail, is that Debbie got pregnant by surprise at the age of 53, and she was on the pill at the time. She also admits to a "once in a blue moon" love life! What are the odds of that? Her pregnancy had a fairytale ending too. She carried to term and had a healthy baby after a natural delivery. At the time of her pregnancy she also had two grandchildren from her two grown kids. After delivering her baby, she said her motherly instinct kicked in right a way and her age just was not a factor (except to the doctors who, when finding out her age, automatically assumed she had donor eggs!)

Case #2 Dawn Brooke, England

This case was also reported by the Daily Mail. Dawn Brooke gave birth at the age of 59 and was said to have a natural conception without fertility treatments. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy who grew up to love math and Harry Potter!

Case #3 Ruth Kistler

Ruth Kistler of Portland, Oregon gave birth to a daughter in Los Angeles, California, on October 18, 1956, at the age of 57. This was obviously before the days of fertility treatments!

Case #4 Anthea Burns

This case was reported by Australian media outlets. Anthea Burns conceived naturally and had a healthy baby boy at the age of 50. Her husband was 54. After being told a year earlier that she was in menopause, and her husband being told that he had “couch potato sperm” they spontaneously conceived their son.

Case #5 Giovanni Ciardi

This Italian woman amazed doctors by getting pregnant at 54 and having a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby girl. She was still having periods and thought the cessation of her menses was due to menopause. When she started feeling nauseous she suspected she might be pregnant.

Case #6 Arcelia Garcia

This 54 year old women and her 60 year old husband had triplets without the use of fertility drugs or fertility treatments. As reported by the LA Times, Ms. Garcia said, “to receive a child, no woman is too old”. Ms. Garcia considered her triplets a big wonderful surprise.

Case #7 Antonietta Mellone

This 52 year old woman give birth to triplets in Naples Italy. She did not use fertility treatments and a reporter at the Daily Mail could not find any records of fertility treatments. She also claims that pregnancy over 50 is not unusual for her family, her cousin had a baby at the age of 51!

Case #8 Kate Fezigha

This is another story of a 52 year old woman from Africa who had wanted children most of her married life and even tried to adopt without success. Just when she thought some strange symptoms were related to menopause, she found out she was pregnant.

Case #9 Morgan Zantua

According to, Morgan Zantua had a surprise pregnancy at the age of 51. "I was stunned," she says. "I have friends younger than I am who are grandparents, and here I was becoming a mom."

The Telegraph UK online interviewed Professor Kypros Nicolaides, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist in the UK. He told the the paper that his own grandmother had a child at 53, and he was quoted to say, ''The risks of late motherhood are completely exaggerated...There's an increased risk of Down's syndrome but the vast majority of women have normal babies at 40 and completely normal pregnancies.''

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